Just so that you know, there are two parts in this blog.

Crazy boat ride atop a mountain overlooking the sea.

First, in San Sebastian, we went to an amusement park. We took a funicular up a hill to get to the amusement park. The amusement park was on top of the hill. First we went on a boat, which went across a stream. It was REALLY high up. Then we went on an awesome roller coaster. When someone says “hi” you put your hands up and yell “hi.”

The wheel on the beach.

Then we got a treat, which our parents called junk food. Then we went on a quick ride our parents thought it was a waste of money. Then we went on trampolines. Finally we went on the awesome roller coaster again. Then we went down the funicular and that was the end of our visit to the amusement park.

Before we went to the amusement park we played on the beach.

Second part.

The "Puppy" statue is made out of living flowers, and you can hear birds living in it!

We went  to Bilbao. We met our friends (Inge-Marie, Jim, Lucia, and Eleanor) at the bus station. We took the bus, which was about an hour ride. I read my Kindle on the bus ride. When we got off we took the tram to the old part of the city. We met an old friend of my Mom and Dad’s there. Her name is Itziar, she took us to a restaurant near her house. I ordered shrimp and garlic and I LOVED it. Eli ordered a special steak. He dropped his plate and BROKE it.

Then we went to the Guggenheim Museum. We saw a statue. It was a giant dog covered with flowers all over it. The name of the sculpture is “Puppy.” It is bigger than an elephant. The artist is Jeff Koons. The artist is criticizing us for not being more creative and also making the sculpture alive and changing because people usually buy art that is cute like little puppies or kittens or bunnies and stuff like that. We went in an exhibit that was a cave made out of tape. It made me feel guilty because there were posters, soda cans, and pages from books. The artist is Thomas Hirschhorn and the art is called “CaveManMan.” Written all over the cave was “1 man = 1 man.” He is trying to tell us that we’re all connected to each other and to the earth.

Eating ice cream treats in the shadow of the Guggenheim Museum.

My Dad showed us a painting by Mark Rothko. It is one of his favorite artists. Eli’s favorite exhibit was by Richard Serra. I can’t remember the name of the exhibit. You can walk through the statue. It is really cool. Our tour guide’s name was Maria.

After the museum, we played on a playground next to the museum. We got ice cream treats. I spilled on my white shirt. My dad tried to wash it off in a fountain. Then I went running around the fountain.

Playground with a view.

We went to dinner then we rode the bus home. I read my Kindle all the way back.