At the Madrid Airport (Eli Pollak, photo credit)

My dad was really excited to see the Madrid airport, where we stopped on our way to San Sebastian. It is a great airport. The airport is painted different bright colors, from yellow to orange to red to green to blue, to help you find your gate. Plus the ceiling is made of wavy bamboo. The airport won an award for architecture and is really cool.

View from the top of the hill above our apartment.

When we arrived in San Sebastian we went to our apartment, which is on a big hill. We can see the ocean and beach from our window. There is a pool on the roof. Even though the water is freezing, it does have a great view. There is a secret path from our apartment to the beach.

The bike paths in San Sebastian are huge. They take them really seriously and you have to be careful about not walking onto the bike path. There are a lot of bikes here.

Many many hours spent on the various "wheels" around the city, with kids speaking Basque, Spanish, and French.

They have REALLY cool playgrounds here. We went to one yesterday with our friends Lucia and Eleanor. There is a circle that goes around like a merry-go-round but it is tilted. You have to stay standing or sitting as other kids run on it or push it. It is huge. Maybe twelve kids can stand on it at one time.

Greeting the octopus.

We went to an aquarium. It was the best aquarium I’ve ever been to. There were ships from olden times and a huge whale skeleton. There was a tunnel that I really liked. You have glass around you and the fish and sharks are swimming all around you. There was a kind of shark called txuri and another called kontxita. And sting rays. And there was a petting zoo where you can touch fish and an octopus.

Nell, Lucia, Eleanor and I have climbed on a lot of stuff. There are a lot of things to climb on here. At 11 o’clock last night after dinner, along the Atlantic ocean, we played ghosts in the graveyard. It was pretty hard to see people in the dark.

Heading out to dinner with our friends.

The olive oil here is amazing. Like the best you have ever had. And gelato here is just as good as in Italy. I had mandarin orange.