Our suitcase collection in Madison.

We left for Rome two days ago. We brought 14 suitcases. The bus ride was 3 hours long. My sister and I read books. Then we got to the airport. The line to check in was really long. On the flight, I watched 4 movies and didn’t sleep at all. My sister and parents slept the whole time. My parents and sister liked the food on the plane but I hated it. Once we landed we got into a shuttle bus and took it from the runway to the airport. Somebody picked us up and brought us to our apartment. Our apartment has two TVs and a big terrace. Our room has huge closets and small beds! We are right next to a church, and every morning you can hear the church bells.

Yesterday me and Nell unpacked and we walked all around the neighborhood. We saw every single store you can imagine after we went to lunch. I ate calamari which was great. My family slept for a while but me and my dad watched TV (Wimbledon plus soccer). My mom woke up at around 5:00 and my sister woke up at around 6:00. Me and Dad went grocery shopping. Then we walked about a half an hour and got to the best pizza place ever. I had pizza rosso, which is basically pizza bread with tomato sauce on it, and drank orange soda. Then we went for gelato. I had stracciatella, which is like cookies and cream. My mom had nutella, my dad had pistachio, and my sister had chocolate (as usual). Then we went home and fell asleep.