Woodworked sculptures.

We went to Munich to visit Paula, Markus, Benjamin, and Sebastian.

Paula organized art classes for the kids with an artist that she knows. The artists name is Tine. The first day we made sculptures out of wood and sawed them with saws. On the second day we did print-making. We also made smiley lips out of candle wax and painted it. You could see the wax after you painted it.

With our decorated sculptures.

On Wednesday we made sculptures, this is how we did it: we made wire and shaped it for the bones, then we covered it in newspaper so that it would be fat, then we covered it in tape so the newspaper wouldn’t stick out in spikes. Then we cut plaster and did it like paper mache instead with plaster. On Thursday we went to the zoo to draw animals. On our last day, Friday, we decorated the sculptures that we did on Wednesday. I REALLY liked the art class- even Eli said he liked this one!

At the beer hall!

One day we took the U-bahn and went shopping. Eli got a soccer jersey and I got a turquoise pony-tail holder. Eli and I got haircuts and we went to an old-fashioned German beer hall for dinner. We had a really fun time there. I laughed so loud that the people at the next table asked if we were from the United States.

At the brush stand at the market.

We went to a large outdoor market. It had different small shops one sold only brushes and another had every possible kind of scissors. There were shirts and plates and all kinds of stuff. There was also an arcade where we went on a ride call “alaround.” It went super high.

Munich is a pretty place, I loved it there.

– Nell