Hotel pool, with Red Sea and Egypt in the distance.

Most of our trips are to interesting places, but this once we spent a few days in a place where there was nothing to do but relax.

Eilat is a small resort city in the bottom of Israel. It’s on the Red Sea. You can see Egypt and Jordan from Eilat, and you can almost see Saudi Arabia, which is just below Jordan. We rode 5 hours on a bus from Jerusalem to get there.

There was an awesome pool at the hotel. The life guard when we first got there, who was on the top where the slide was, pushed us down the slide and gave us tips about how to go down faster. The waterslide was like 4 stories high. There’s a sushi bar in the pool that you can only access by swimming to it. The swirl pool is an area in the pool that is like a current, and carries you through the area. But you literally can’t fight it and it is really hard to get out of it.

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Eilat.

Now in this hotel there are two different kinds of kid clubs: one for big kids and one for littler kids. They call both of these kids Daniland (the hotel was called the Dan Eilat). One of these clubs is for anyone to go to, but it’s based for little kids. And the other one is for 10-18 year olds only. The club for littler kids has activities for them all day. They also have an arcade and a foosball table and rubber band guns. In the path between the clubs, there are ping pong tables and squash courts. In the big kid club there is almost every kind of video game you can imagine.

Hannukah doughnuts at the hotel.

For the holiday Hannukah at the hotel, we do prayers for Hannukah, and then everyone dances, and the staff bring out toys for the kids and jelly donuts for everyone.

And, we are not going to mention the food at the hotel or in the town because it was not very good. However, the breakfast bar at the hotel was okay. Every day, I (Eli) had at least 10 pancakes, and I (Nell) at least always had 2. It was the first time we’d had pancakes since we left Madison!

On the floor above the entrance floor, there was a Siesta Lounge where people can go to buy drinks and watch sports. Right next to that lounge is a nightclub.

Overall, we (Eli and Nell) LOVED staying at the resort in Eilat.

The End.

– Eli and Nell

Sunset view from our hotel room.