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I went to the biggest soccer stadium in Europe, Camp Nou. It’s a lot like Lambeau Field, the Packers’ stadium, in a way. It’s historic!

The team was one of my favorites, my favorite in Spain: Barcelona, home of the best soccer player, Messi. In Europe, the best teams from each country come together and they have a league of their own, the Champions League. This year they got out before the finals; they lost to Chelsea, who won the finals last night in a penalty shoot-out.

Holding last year’s Champions League Cup!

We got to see where the press booth is, the visitor’s locker room, and they had more trophies than you’ve seen anywhere in your life. It was really cool that we got to run through their tunnel and exited right next to the field.

Their motto is “Mes que un club,” which means “More than a club” in Catalan.They have a big history there.


And they have the biggest stadium store I’ve ever seen in my life!

And I have a change in my career plan…

– Eli

Inside Casa Batlló

Before I went to Barcelona, my mom said that I would love it. And, she’s never been so right in my life!

First, let me talk about the hotel. I really liked the system they had to open the door. What they do is: they take your finger and copy your fingerprint. To open the door to your room, you have to put your finger in a little slot. And the good thing was you didn’t have to worry about remembering a key.

Secondly, I want to talk about their breakfast pastries. Almost every morning in Barcelona, we went to this café called Mauri. They had a very famous pastry called ensaïmada de Mallorca. It’s an eggy swirl with powdered sugar on top. I also loved the little rolls filled with manchego cheese and quince paste.

Breakfast ensaïmada!

Something I also loved in Barcelona was the shopping.  My mom was right when she said the whole city was a shopping center.

Speaking about shopping, one of my favorite clothing stores is Spanish. The name of the store is Desigual. I like their clothes because they are very creative and there are no dull clothes.

Also, speaking of creative, let me talk about my most favorite architect, Gaudi.

Casa Batlló from the outside.

I went to see this house he designed, Casa Batlló. The theme was water. Even without knowing that the theme was supposed to be water, you could tell. For example, when you look out the windows, he made it look like you were looking underwater. Or that all the colors in that house were like what you would see in the ocean. There were doorknobs that were swirled to look like seaweed. I would be very happy if I could live in there.

We went hat shopping; the sun was very strong.

Speaking about architecture, they have the most creative architecture in the world! How could I explain? Well, I can tell you that every time I turned around I could see a new amazing building. The buildings were all different from what you’ve ever seen in America or in other places in Europe. My mom and I both felt like the architects who made all the buildings were having fun. They weren’t just doing it for the money; they were doing it to enjoy themselves.

Now, you are probably wondering when I’ll talk about their food. Well, the time has come. Let me tell you a few of the food specialties.

Tapas at El Quim at the Boqueria Market

  1. Their tapas. Their patatas bravas are fried potatoes with a spicy sauce, and sometimes they put mayonnaise on it.
  2. Another tapas is their tomato bread. This is what they do. First, they toast the bread. Then they rub a raw garlic clove on it. Then they take a tomato and squeeze the pulp onto the bread. They usually add olive oil.
  3. I’m just going tell you that we went to a Mexican restaurant and it was AMAZING. That’s one kind of food that I have not had all year. That’s part of why it tasted so good. But the other part was because it just was good!

Grilled sole at El Quim.

Since we’re still talking about food, I’m going to tell you about a really good restaurant. We went to a big market in Barcelona and we went to this little tapas bar where 5 or 6 men own the restaurant and do everything. They are known for their tapas. Their fried eggs are the best I ever had, the rest of my family loved the razor clams (especially my dad), my mom loved the mushrooms, and my brother and my parents all loved the grilled sole. And I loved their plate of beans! After we finished our lunch, my brother bought a fresh lemon popsicle for his dessert. And for my dessert me and my mom bought a box of sliced mango. Oh that mango…

A Gaudi sculpture made out of chocolate

Since I’m still going on and on about that food, I’m going to add one more thing about the food. They had a chocolate museum in Barcelona. And since I LOVE chocolate, we went to the museum. I didn’t really know what to expect for a chocolate museum. But it was really amazing. They had these huge sculptures made out of chocolate. They even had SpongeBob made out of chocolate! And they had gladiators fighting made out of chocolate. Since it was a chocolate museum, the ticket to the museum was a bar of chocolate.

On the funicular with Robert.

Since I started to write a little bit about sightseeing, I will say a little bit more to end this blog post. We met up with our friends Robert and Virginia and we went out to go to lunch at the Miro Museum. After that we took a BIG funicular up a mountain. Then, in the mountain, we went in a castle. After the castle we went to run around. A couple of my favorite parts on that day were:

Late night fantastic dinner with Robert and Virginia.

  1. going down the HUGE slides
  2. whispering to each other, from far away, through a sculpture designed for whispering.
  3. The giant ropes course
  4. Jumping on different tires to make different sounds

For the end of this blog post, I will tell you about the aquarium we visited. First of all, it was one of my favorite aquariums because of the shark tunnel. You’re wondering why I liked the shark tunnel so much. Well, one because I love shark tunnels, but the other because when you stepped into the shark tunnel, the floor was moving so you could just stand and watch them. Part of the time a shark came up close to us and followed us all the way to the end of the shark tunnel.

This may be a long blog post, but I’m going to say three more words. I LOVE BARCELONA!

–  Nell

P.S. By the way, you might be wondering what my other two favorite places we visited are, not including Rome. They are: Venice and Corsica

Walking with Virginia.