Jenny: The mountains rising up from beaches

Jumping off the rocks into a pool below a little waterfall.

Eli: Hiking up into the mountains and discovering a cliff and into a river up in the mountains. Jumping off the cliff into the cold mountain river.

Nell: Climbing up really high on the rocks.

The kids climbing rocks on our hike to the waterfall. This pile took them 45 min round trip!

Seth: Visiting Corte and having lunch at the hotel where Inge-Marie worked years ago as a chambermaid. I remember the pool next to the dining patio, where the children swam after lunch and the fantastic Corsican dessert we had. Fiadone—a combination of cheesecake, flan, and lemon soufflé. But not really exactly like any of these things. It is made with a fresh cheese called brocciu and lots of lemon, and served with eau de vie poured on top.

Jenny: Eating citron et sucre crepes while sitting at the beach.

The beach, crepe shack, and mountains behind.

Eli: The amazing crepes and the warm ocean water. The water was warmer than eighty degrees and very shallow near the coast.

Nell: The pool at the house we rented. We played Marco Polo and sharks and minnows.  My dad throwing me in the water.

Seth: Driving in Corsica, up and down the mountains, the narrow roads, the bicyclists right up next to the cars, the sharp curves. And of course, getting stuck on an uphill, dead-end street filled with double-parked cars in Porto Vecchio and having a local guy come down in his nightgown to back our car out for us.

Eli serving his shrimp.

Jenny: Watching the sunset over the mountains while eating great group cooked dinners over our terrace.

Nell prepping her Greek salad.

Eli: Reading up on the terrace. And me and Nell cooking dinner for everyone. We made grilled shrimp and Nell made a Greek salad.

Nell: Listening to a free outdoor concert after dinner in Porto Vecchio

Jenny: Climbing down (and then up) 187 steps carved into the cliffs at Bonifacio. Finding a cave at the bottom and watching Inge-Marie, Jim, Lucia, Nell, and Eli scale the rocks to take a swim in the Mediterranean.

Seth: The Italian chef in Bonifacio who recognized Eli’s Roma soccer jersey and got so excited that she ran to get her camera and take a picture with him. (She also made us a great lunch!).

The ocean below Bonifacio, 187 steps down.

Eli: The restaurant with the great view in Tonnara where we stopped on our way to the airport before leaving. The chef brought Mom her lobster to look at before cooking it.

Nell: Spending time with our friends.