• Our kitchen espresso maker resembles a medieval torture device (more on that in a later post)
  • The master bedroom/bathroom windows overlook a 16th century Byzantine church
  • Trees. Everywhere. Including olive and palm trees on our terrace.
  • Lemons at the outdoor market a few blocks away come from the Amalfi coast
  • Foccacia and many pizzas are baked in huge oblong slabs, and the bakery folks cut you a piece of whatever size you’d like.
  • On Sundays we can hear the church choir from the Anglican church next door (yes, we live between two churches. Love it).
  • Italian is a fantastic language. Today, so I could practice making requests, our teacher asked me go to a tabbachi to buy him cigarettes. Camels.
  • Tonight, for our anniversary dinner (13 years!!), Seth got reservations at our favorite trattoria from our last visit to Rome. On the menu, they mark which ingredients were previously frozen, so patrons can tell whether the ingredients are truly fresh.