On Wednesday morning my class left for a three day class trip. It was a two hour bus ride because we had to leave the region of Lazio to go to Umbria. When we got there we went to the music and movement room and we were taught all of the rules about Arteaparte. Other kids at my school said that the person who worked there was really mean, but she wasn’t really too mean. She just had a lot of rules.

There was a whole maze there that we could play in during our free time. After every activity we got free time, basically.

During free time I mostly played soccer.

The food there was AMAZING, especially their pesto pasta. For breakfast, we got cereal, toast and jam and milk. The jams were home made.

We also did some cooking. My group made a peach crostata. I cracked the eggs and mixed the yolk with the flour.  The other group made a chocolate ring cake. The dessert that we made turned out really well.

All of the kids got to sleep in a room of five or six kids in each room. Our teacher let us make our own groups for each room.

The first day we went on a long walk through a deep river. At one point I slipped in, in my clothes. I was soaked! The next day, we went on a two hour thirty minute hike through the countryside. It was really tiring but it was interesting. We saw half a scorpion dead. We saw snakes, bees, and wasp nests.

We learned how to play the drums. We had four or five people in a group and we had to create an on-going mechanism with our bodies.

It was fun to go on a three day, two night trip with my whole class.

Overall, it was a great trip. I was really tired when we got home on Friday afternoon. I think I will remember almost everything.

My teacher posted good pictures of us on our class blog:


— Eli