Here we are in the distance (in the water).

On Sunday we went to a hot spring: the Terme delle Masse di San Sisto. If you don’t know what a hot spring is, it’s really hot water from a volcano. There’s also a cold pool because people like to shock themselves. By the way, this was in November so you would expect it would be cold outside, and we were wearing coats before we got into the pond.

And up close. The sun was very strong.

It was a very long car ride to Viterbo. But it was worth it! We were in the water for about 2 hours. You could see steam coming off the water. It smelled like rotten eggs. That’s because it was made out of minerals. It was very clean. It had no chemicals. The bottom of the pond was very smooth. It was made out of rock, and it wasn’t deep.

The air was cold but we were really warm! The Italians all brought their own bathrobes for getting in and out of the pond.

It felt really good. Me and Eli liked to shock ourselves by going into the cold water. That made the hot water feel REALLY hot. We left at about 3:45. At 4 on Sunday they drain all the hot water and then clean the pond.

The Ancient Romans were very into taking these baths, and now we understand why.

I would recommend this to you. Again, it feels so good.