I went to the biggest soccer stadium in Europe, Camp Nou. It’s a lot like Lambeau Field, the Packers’ stadium, in a way. It’s historic!

The team was one of my favorites, my favorite in Spain: Barcelona, home of the best soccer player, Messi. In Europe, the best teams from each country come together and they have a league of their own, the Champions League. This year they got out before the finals; they lost to Chelsea, who won the finals last night in a penalty shoot-out.

Holding last year’s Champions League Cup!

We got to see where the press booth is, the visitor’s locker room, and they had more trophies than you’ve seen anywhere in your life. It was really cool that we got to run through their tunnel and exited right next to the field.

Their motto is “Mes que un club,” which means “More than a club” in Catalan.They have a big history there.


And they have the biggest stadium store I’ve ever seen in my life!

And I have a change in my career plan…

– Eli