This is the cake I brought to school for my birthday snack. My parents so wonderfully went out to one of the best bakeries in town and bought a nice nutella cake.

This is a photo album of my birthday at home and the day after when I stayed home from school to go out and spend the day with my parents. We went to the Colosseum and Forum and then to a great place to have lunch. I also had a lot of help from the present my parents gave me: a new digital camera.


On my birthday morning, my parents woke me up early so I could open my family presents.

My sister game me a wonderful card. It had football teams, football teams, and wonderful designs. And she and my dad went out and they bought me all kinds of junk food including Oreos, my favorite African Redbush tea , jelly beans, chips, and chocolate covered lemon rinds.

These are some pictures that I took from the top of the Colosseum into the dungeons underneath.

These are part of the original design of the Colosseum. It used to be covered with marble but the marble was stolen for building churches and temples.

The senators and emperor got to sit on the lowest level, closest to the action. Rich people were next, then regular people, and then the highest floor for for women. These seats, unlike the other marble seats, were made of wood; only this part would burn in a fire.

This is a picture that I tried to get to show you all the floors. We took a special tour to go to the dungeons, except they were still flooded from a month ago, so we instead got to go up to the highest floor. It is not open to the public.

We met some nice folks from Chicago (because I was wearing my Packers sweatshirt). The mom went to UW-Madison. They offered to take a picture of us. When we accepted, here's what they took.

This is a picture of the Imperial Forum that I took from the top of the Colosseum.

My mom asked me to take a picture of these trees. I was still experimenting with my new camera, so I tried a function called Fish Eyes. It made everything come together, as you can see in the picture.

At this wonderful lunch place, they had non-alcoholic beer! My mom wanted a picture of me and Dad drinking together and looking at this wonderful poster of the best architecture in Italy. On the poster, I've been to almost a quarter of the 25 buildings. I hope to see at least half of them before we leave, because they did look pretty cool! Oh, and the best part is that it is the end of November and it was still nice enough for us to eat lunch outdoors!