Romans take soccer very seriously. One time, at recess, I tried to play except I only lasted 1 minute because a few people already got hurt. So I didn’t take any chances. For recess, our teacher made a rule that there can’t be any soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays because the kids have to learn to play other stuff. But they totally forgot about that rule so they played anyway.

At recess, only Italian boys play. Barely any girls ever step on the field.

At gym, when we play soccer, all the girls groan. Except for me. It’s true. Every boy begs to play attack. I beg to play attack too! Whenever I wear my Totti soccer shorts (he’s the star of the Roma soccer team), every girl asks if they are my brother’s! I say “No, they’re mine. Why did you ask that?”

So I decided to join the girls’ soccer team at my school. It’s meant for third grade through eighth grade, but I did it anyway (I’m in second grade). One of my favorite sayings that my soccer coach says is: “I want no ballerinas on the field!” What she means by that is that she wants to see sneakers and shin guards and shorts and t-shirts and stuff like that.

Me and my brother both got invited to play in a tournament for Ambrit (our school) this weekend. We will play against other schools.