Today is Friday.
I throw on my backpack and I walk to the bus stop with Nell and Mom.
On the way to the bus stop we stopped at a bar. 
I bought a cornetto al cioccolato, which is a chocolate croissant, for my morning snack at school.
The bus ride gives me a chance to check my homework and read.
In 45 minutes the bus pulls into the school.

I run into the school and get to my class.
Math is a good review of stuff we did in 3rd grade.
We’re ending math, so now we have Italian.
I’m learning a lot of Italian.
Now we get break so we ate our snacks and I played cops and robbers.
Now we have P.E.  We’re just starting American football: this hour of the day was very fun.
Now it’s lunch so we have to be quiet and eat. (pasta al burro, bastoncini, patate al forno- my favorite! I had seconds, frutta).

Now it’s unit, we’re studying water in Rome.
I’m learning a lot about water.
 Ms. Curria (my teacher) gave us some activities to do.

This last hour is very important: we had to vote for student council.
So I went around handing out lollipops which said “vote for Eli” on them, to buy myself votes.
We took a vote: I got 14/19 votes so I won!!!!

Now I have mixed sports for after school.
We played net ball which is like basketball but you can’t run with the ball.

The End
-- Eli