This is one of the signs that I saw after school (Photo credit, Nell Pollak)

A few nights ago, when we were walking home from the bus stop after school, we saw signs on our street that said “Fashion Night Out.” We had no idea what it was.

So after dinner, me and my Dad went outside and there was a huge crowd of people all over our street. Stores had loud music, fashion models, singers, and waiters serving champagne and wine. A few places there were flashing lights all over. Everyone was all dressed up very fancy to shop. The people who were shopping wore REALLY high heels and  REALLY fancy dresses.

Models in a store window (photo credit, Nell Pollak)

Instead of fake body things (madikins) showing the clothes in the windows, there were real models standing in the store windows and in front of the stores. Once while I was taking a picture, a model gave me a tiny backpack. Another time when I was taking a picture, when I left the model smiled at me and he said “ciao”  and smiled to me. While me and my dad were walking, I asked him, “Is being a model fun?” He said, “What do you think?”. And I said “I think it would be boring because you are doing the same job as a madikin”- that does not seem very interesting to me.

Those are a bunch of people waiting in line for Chanel (Photo credit, Nell Pollak)

We saw a HUGE line of people waiting to go into a store called Chanel. What is so good about it? I didn’t really like their clothes.

Everyone was taking pictures of the models and the clothes. In some stores the music was too loud for me to even step into the store.

There is a store by us that used to have dresses that were made out of newspaper- at least they looked like they were made of newspaper. But tonight they changed their clothes and I admired them. One was black and had these shiny tiny thin sequins all over them. There was also a pink dress that was also very pretty and another black one that looked the same as the pink. Another time we passed a store that had a white long dress that had fluffy feathers all over the bottom. I said “That is even over the top for me.”

Fragole and champagne (Photo credit, Nell Pollak)

When I went into the store under our apartment, they offered me a fragola- that means strawberry in Italian. They also had champagne but they did not offer any of that! When I was taking pictures they said “carina”- that means they were calling me cute.

It was a really fun experience that I will never forget.


Models in a store window (photo credit, Nell Pollak)

Friendly Italian model (photo credit, Nell Pollak)

Singer at the Levi's store (Photo credit, Nell Pollak)

This is one of the waiters greeting people (Photo credit, Nell Pollak)

These models were in a store across the street from our house (Photo credit, Nell Pollak)