This is a picture of me and Eli on top of the Duomo.

A few days ago, my dad said “Let’s take a train to Florence tomorrow.” So, we did what everyone would do: we bought tickets for a train to Florence!

When we got there, we wandered around and saw the city, but the three things I remember most are…

1. Climbing up the Duomo

2. Going on the bridge with shops (Ponto Vecchio)

3. Going to the best art museum in my life (Uffizi Gallery). And just if you’re wondering, our guide’s name is Liz.

This is a picture of me admiring the jewelry stores on the Ponte Vecchio.

We also found the best gelato place ever!

I really loved Florence!!!!

– Nell

Here are some of my favorite paintings from the Uffizi: The Birth of Venus, Madonna and Child with young St. John, The Venus of Urbino, Primavera (Spring)