At the top of the Duomo.

Well we’re on the train to Florence right now.

By the way it’s so easy you just hop on an hour long train from Rome and you’re at Florence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean there were a lot of fun things, but the 3 things that stood out the most are…

* The restaurant didn’t have menus so you told the waiter what kind of food you like and they keep bringing you courses of food (and not to mention 3 courses of alcohol). At the end of the meal the owner comes and asks how the meal was. We said good so the boss asked the waiter what we had and the waiter said side dishes so the owner takes a piece of paper and writes down a random number and that’s the bill.

The Ponte Vecchio.

* Now, have you ever walked on a bridge with stores and houses on it?

Well there’s a bridge called Ponte Vecchio but it was too crowed to enjoy.

Watching a funny mime outside the Uffizi Gallery.

* So we are at the funnest part. (Also the stinkiest). We were climbing up the tallest building (top of the Duomo) 467 steps, behind this man who kept stopping and was constantly farting. But once we made it to the top, you could see all of Florence!

THE END good bye Florence