A smashing day!

Just so you know, I’ve been looking for a purse for a long time. I had a very specific design in mind: turquoise or fake leopard print, and between a big and small purse. Big enough to hold my books.

First, we searched all over Rome. Next, we went on a trip to San Sebastian, Spain. We looked all over San Sebastian. Nothing was right. Then we went to Munich. Nothing was right. Then we went to Copenhagen. I found one. It was red. It was only 6 bucks but it looked more expensive so I got it. But it didn’t fit my books.

Another smashing day!

Now, we are back in Rome. We are walking back from dinner. One block away from our house and I found the purse of my dreams, 50% off! I bought it.

So I looked all over Europe, and I found a purse one block away from our house.

– Nell