Waiting for the roller coaster.

It was still very light in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s around 6:00 pm and we’re heading to Tivoli, one of the biggest and oldest amusement parks in Europe. We finally get into Tivoli. Right as we walk in,

Fun ride!

there’s a ride with a really long line. We got on it. It turns out it only took 5 minutes to get to the front of the line. We get the front row seat. As we get into the seat of this roller coaster, we realize that it’s going to be filled with ups and downs and backs and forths.

Playing pick-up soccer in Copenhagen - no Danish language skills needed!

Once that ride was over, we go to the really famous roller coaster called the Demon. You have to be about as tall as I am, but my sister tried to sneak in anyway. It was about a 20 minute wait to get to the top. Once we were up there, we realize that it goes super high, then just drops and you do 3 loops in a row. When we were about to board, my sister was less than an inch away from being tall enough, and after the wait they wouldn’t let her on, so she had to walk back down with mom. Me and my dad felt really bad that my sister couldn’t go on it. After the ride my dad felt really nauseous, and my mom had to buy the most expensive diet Coke he’d ever seen and probably ever drunk. Just the deposit on the cup (all the cups at Tivoli are recyclable) was 1 dollar (5 Danish kronor).

Buying FC Copenhagen jerseys with Elliot and Steve.

There was a ride I really wanted to go on but you had to be 140 centimeters, about as tall as my friend Noah. You went up 11 stories high (more than 11 stories) and just hung up there for 20 seconds and then dropped suddenly to the ground.

We planned to only go for 2 hours, but we ended up staying until almost 11, when the rides started to close. Dinner was a chocolate crepe for me. After dinner I went on this ride called the Teacup, which I probably would have barfed up my dinner on if I wasn’t ready for it. You were in this teacup, and the platform was spinning, but your cup was also spinning. My dad and my sister couldn’t go on it, and my mom doesn’t go on any rides, so I went alone. It was very fun!

I love Tivoli!

Elliot and I got the same player's number (30).

Two other things I particularly enjoyed in Denmark were playing soccer in a park in Copenhagen and buying an FC Copenhagen soccer jersey with my friend Elliot!