On Thursday we woke up very early and ate some yogurt and pretzels and took the U-Bahn, which is the subway system inMunich. (and by the way, Munich has the BEST pretzels ever). We got off at Marienplatz and we waited for our friends Markus, Sebastian, and Benjamin (who are moving to Madison next week). Markus grew up here in Munich. We took the 52 bus and got off at the last stop, Tierpark, which is the zoo. We went to the gate, but realized that we were at the wrong gate. So me and Sebastian ran to the other gate, where we were supposed to meet our art teacher.

We then headed for the tigers. We all drew some tigers. We were going to the giraffes and elephants but we passed penguins which we drew. Then we found a sloth crossing the room upside down on a ladder – as athletic as most of my friends. Then we went to a red panda, but he was moving too fast to draw. So we drew baby turtles. Finally, we got to the elephants. But it was closed because there was a baby elephant. So we went next door to the giraffes. Then we played on the playground.

Dessert crepe at a Jewish restaurant called Cohen's!

In the afternoon we went swimming. Our art teacher’s son, Fritz, joined us. Fritz speaks German and has only had 1 year of English, but he speaks it really well. We all went to Sebastian and Benjamin’s house for lunch. We wrestled and got ready to go to the pool. After we got changed, we went into a tunnel in the shape of a circle. You had to swim against the current. When that got boring, we went on a waterslide that was taller than the building itself. We made a chain. It was me, then Sebastian, then Fritz, then Nell, then Benjamin. We all laid on our stomachs and our backs, too. Then we all went home for dinner. I had an okay dinner, but dessert was amazing. I had a crepe with warm chocolate sauce and ice cream.


On Friday, after art class, we went to a large outdoor market for lunch (Viktuelmarkt). I had a roast bratwurst; it was really good. And our friend Paula bought a bunch of Bavarian cakes. And we had more pretzels, and amazing blueberries. After lunch, we took the S-Bahn (suburban train) out of town for about half an hour. We went for a hike on a small mountain near the edge of the Alps. Here is an estimate of how long it took to get to the top: 1 hour of me and Sebastian running. Once we finally got to the top we could see everywhere. There was a monastery on top. Then it started pouring rain so we went to a beer garden. Me and Sebastian and Nell drank 1.5 liters of Spezi, which is a combination of Coke and Fanta. We bought around 10 pretzels that were the size of me and Nell’s heads put together. And mom bought everyone ice cream.

Mega pretzels

Then me and Sebastian ran down the hill. We were annoying Sebastian’s big brothers Theo and Alexander, who are in high school. They ran ahead and we chased them. Then we had cramps so we had to walk and we couldn´t see his brothers. Me and Sebastian had to find our own way to the S-bahn station. But the signs were confusing and they led us in the wrong direction. Bahnhof means train station. We got lost, then we remembered a market that we had passed going up the hill. We kept walking and walking and had to ask a couple of people for directions in German. Eventually we got to the station but we both didn´t know our parents’ phone numbers so Sebastian was going to call his house inFrance. But then his big brothers showed up. Then the parents showed up. We took the train home and went to bed without having dinner because it was so late.

Eli and Sebastian enjoy their meat (the beers belong to the grown-ups)

By the way, Munich is a great place to be a carnivore.

– Eli