New-tastic-o!! (Eli Pollak, photo credit)

1. At the time we have dinner in Rome (8 or 9 PM), I would be sound asleep in Madison.

2. The people walking share the street with cars (not many sidewalks).

3. Instead of cement the streets are made out of stones.

4. Instead of going to 12, the clock in Italy goes to 24.

5. In Italian, the adjectives go after the nouns but in English, the adjectives come before the nouns. It is hard for me to remember that because it sounds so weird to me! For example, if I wanted to say “I am a sporty girl” I would say “I am a girl sporty.”

6. When you order something with chocolate (like a cornetto, which is a croissant) it is usually filled with Nutella, not just chocolate.

7. When you get a piece of pizza to go, it’s cut into a square and folded over into a napkin.

8. Every time you try a new food place, it seems like it is the best ever. But then you try another place and it is even better. (Usually that is what I think about gelato shops).

9. There are a lot– and I mean A LOT!– of little motorcycles everywhere.

10. When you look at something being sold on the street and decide not to buy it, they won’t let you just walk away. But if a hat is ten Euros, you can bargain it and buy it for less. (My Dad did that for my hat).

11. Grown-ups drink their coffee standing up in bars!

12. Roads in this city are very little and so the cars are very little too.

PS I’m not sure I’m supposed to add a p.s. on a blog, but I did anyway. I haven’t had a chance to get in touch with all of you but I miss you (even Eli’s friends, sort of).


The Pollak team in front of our apartment door.