Kids on top of the world (photo credit, Nell Pollak)

How can Nell PEA out of her mouth? Answer: dehgual elihw gnitae saep.*

In the land of Rome I’m waking up from a bad night sleep.

Oh, and just so you know, Nell is a messy eater. So use that, and the way I spelled “pea”, to find the answer.

As I was saying, I woke up and we went to a bar (which is a café in Rome). I got a nutella cornetto (croissant).

Then we waited for a bus. 20 different busses came, but not the one we wanted!

We took a cab to our Italian class. I finished all 23 work sheets.

On our way home, we took a bus. I finished the book Eragon which some of you might know.

We rested for 4 hours! Then my parents got dinner, which was from a fancy Italian food store.

And here I am now on the terrace typing this.


*Laughed while eating peas.

Kids on top of the world (photo credit, Eli Pollak)